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Opts Ideas capabilities are as broad and deep as our experience. We’ve chosen to focus on developing our intellectual capability rather than an inventory. The value of this is repeatedly demonstrated in our work- as when Facebook contacted us to help them develop F8- they were clearly interested in our experience first, creativity second, and ability to work collaboratively with a range of vendors and agencies third.

We do not differentiate our approach based on the scale of the event. All of our work relies on an accurate assessment of the client’s need, a clear articulation of event goals and objectives, and a plan to achieve reasonable success. We know we can’t promise positive press coverage, but we can deliver a well-articulated message, and a strongly supported narrative using persuasive media. We know we can’t promise perfection- that isn’t the nature of live events- but we can provide a strong crew, the latest technology, excellent coaching and an immersive environment.

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